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Marie's vlog: How you can heal

Here is a regime Marie uses daily that has helped her maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Anyone with mental illness can move to wellness and recovery, but it takes work. Take a view on what has helped Marie!


Blinked and missed Blind River, so sprung into Spragge

Checking in with Ted "dr. j" Jablonski on his SAD no more 2010 Canadian Tour. Here's what Ted's been up to.

SNM Tour Day 38

It poured most of the night off and on. So what started out looking like a potentially very rainy day (again) turned from overcast, to cloudy to clear and SUNNY - it was a glorious and much needed! As much as the sky changed, so to did the landscape, transforming from rock and lakeshore to lush farmland and back again. From coniferous outcroppings to deciduous forests, from fishing camps to livestock farms and everything in between. The wind was breezy and gusty at times but overall we got in great mileage and it was a good solid day on the road. We wanted to get at least to Blind River but ended up going past to camp out in Spragge.

When I saw a flock of Canadian Geese honking overhead in a ragged V, I thought it was Fall again. When it warmed up and the sun was shining, summer was giving in that easy in Ontario and this is great, I could easily take a few more weeks of sun and heat - bring it on. We saw an unusual number of hawks today, one which flew along the highway with us for quite some time. There was at least one large eagle, a gigantic osprey nest on a railway pole, and some very large geese in a field (?snow geese - no white markings of a Canada Goose and creaked instead of honked.

Les got a early morning run in again today (Joe, she's been fooling you all these years - she loves getting up early and exercising!!) and Monique got in a cycle this afternoon. I think we've moved from camps to cottages and I had to bite my tongue not to stop and go look at lakeshore developements which were springing up all over the route we were travelling on, I know, I know - I've got enough properties, but it can't hurt to just have a look, can it??

Tour Day Sponsor is Alberta College of Family Physicians - thanks for the acknowledgement and support.

Random quote of the day
"There's no place like this"
on an Ontario travel brochure "Yours to discover" (OK, and we are!!)
can't argue this point as we're making our way across this immense province.

a bit of Canadiana with Ted's Tiny Trivia Teaser

The three Bruce brothers; Elliott, Thessalon and Desbarats started the first Copper Mine in Canada (aptly called Bruce Mines) which unfortunately adversely affected a significant number of workers, blinding them from copper poisoning mostly around the area now known as Blind River.

A little known fact - TRUE or FALSE

As our cell phones now have service again, we were finally able to talk to Gabrielle who is coming back from a special wedding just outside of Halifax made even "more special" by Hurricane Earl - a true candlelight cermemony, reception, after party etc etc. One everyone will certainly remember!

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