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Road to Learning: challenging stigma and discrimination

A study by the American Psychological Association shows that young children are less likely to receive treatment for mental issues than adults. Why is that? They may be shy to seek help or think they will “grow out” of their problems. So, what can we do to help these kids who are living with mental illness?

Ontario recently announced new funding to put mental health workers and nurses in schools to help 9,000 kids. Thanks to this money, these workers will be able to offer training for educators on how to identify mental health issues. This is a great way to promote education, prevention, and early intervention! If teachers can begin to educate students and raise awareness in the classroom, it will certainly help some children feel more comfortable seeking help.

Young people need a place where they can openly discuss what they’re feeling without being judged. A healthy school environment can help to improve students’ well-being. We’re thrilled to see a provincial government tackling these issues. This strategy will build awareness, help to reduce stigma, and identify problems early on.

How important do you think it is for educators to be trained to identify mental health issues?