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Jobs & Mental Illness

A recent article in the Toronto Star by Dr. Kwame McKenzie explored the topic of jobs as a lifeline for those living with mental health. The writer explains that his job really helped him integrate into his community when he moved to Canada. However, he writes that many of his clients living with mental illness are not so lucky, as the stigmas surrounding mental health are so negative that they have a difficult time finding employment.

Stigma is still proving to be a big problem for those living with a mental illness and looking for a meaningful job. Dr. Kwame’s article states in his article that study after study has confirmed that having a job actually improves the quality of life for those living with mental illness. Unfortunately, employers are sometimes hesitant to give those living with mental illness a chance. Productive work is a key part in promoting and achieving positive mental health. So why is more not being done to help those living with mental illness secure employment opportunities?

Recovery from mental illness is possible, and a rewarding job may be an important stepping stone on this path.

Do you have any thoughts on how we as a society can help break down these barriers and encourage employers to give those with mental illness a chance to be a significant contributor to their organization?

Let us know what you think!